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The World is Too Much With Us

The Beauty We Cannot See

By DinushanPublished about a year ago 1 min read

The world is too much with us, we cannot see

The beauty that surrounds us every day

Our eyes are blinded by our want and need

For things that do not last, that fade away

We spend our lives in getting and in gain

And waste our precious time in pointless toil

We seek for pleasure, but we find no joy

For all our striving leaves us in turmoil

Yet nature waits for us with open arms

The moon, the stars, the sea, the wind, the sky

The trees that whisper secrets to the breeze

All offer us a chance to live, to try

To find the peace and love we seek within

And shed the chains that bind us to our sin

nature poetry

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  • keerthivarman about a year ago


DinushanWritten by Dinushan

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