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The World as We Know It

by Christine O'Reilly 4 years ago in social commentary


A new year imparts

its soft lips of forgiveness

a whisper of grace

humanity, faith renewed

hope challenges the villain

Evildoers strike

their poison a fatal dose

mortal dreams die fast

yet the dawn of a new day

climbs above the horizon

Young kids smile freely

innocence not yet corrupt

an outlook still pure

of self-righteous delusion

freedom thrives inside the mind

Injustices maim

its victims too powerless

pleas for survival

silenced by the Western world

perpetrators with deaf ears

Religion and prayer

in noble sanctuaries

distorted by hate

to fuel wicked agendas

fear is the greatest evil

Greed feasts on lavish

an opulent sustenance

of gluttons' yearning

a mouthful of denial

worn out promises feed none

In quiet reaches

faraway lands, vast green fields

the common folk work

a sanguine disposition

prospect begins with a dream

Whilst leaders proclaim

democracy yields freedom

a war's battle hymn

no peace or understanding

death the price of liberty

social commentary
Christine O'Reilly
Christine O'Reilly
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Christine O'Reilly

A Toronto-based scribbler who spends most days dreaming of being elsewhere.

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