The Words "I Love You"

by Clara . 2 years ago in sad poetry

The Words "I Love You"

The Words "I Love You"

The words "I Love You" flows from the mouth like water,

Yet they hold the weight of the very house you live in.

We toss the words around like they are simply a means to affection, but they hold much more.

Ripping the very inside of your being with questions of insincerity and doubt.

And yet they hold more comfort than the hugs you receive when down.

The time you spend cradling those words like it was your unborn child is not the equivalent to the time it takes for someone to rip them away.

So yes, saying them is a struggle, but I would much rather struggle to say them than not try at all.

Do not rip your words away before I can develop my own though it may take time.

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