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by I Omnist about a year ago in slam poetry
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Now here we are, in a time too late to explore our world, for we are all told it has been discovered. Now here we are, in a time too early to explore the stars, for with all our technology we can’t reach that far.

Now, here we are. Corrupted and seeking answers from our past…for our future…. Yet, neglecting the discoveries within that hold no hostage to another’s warm delight.

Now, here we are, taught to be scared and fearful of the night. Preying still on the weaknesses that we see as weakness, and conforming to tyrannical rule.

Now here we are, feeling hopeless in a mindset so consumed by the want for more, that we’ve forgotten the small aspects of what has brought us to this vacant point in life.

Now, here I am. Alone outside a weather worn box. With my ill concern towards those that move people like pawns on a war-torn board that’s shared by billions.

Now! Hear my battle cry and rise to discover the stars that only come out at night. Fear not the limitations that you’ve been led to believe and stand tall, above the walls of oppressive greed.

Now! Come one come all to the unlimited world where hearts and minds meld as one. Where we reconstruct by standing up and leaving the ruin behind.

Now, here I am, awaiting the trumpets sound. The nonviolent conclusions to be drawn from unison, and not succumbing to frivolous needs for ‘things.’

Now, I say! It’s your world of wonder to sit, stand or crawl. It’s your world to take for yourself and face the consequences of seeing what’s behind the wall.

~the Wordsmith~

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I Omnist

Philosopher, philanthropist, poet, philanderer, paramour and more.

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