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The women

Women are meant to be loved. Their presence brings warmth and compassion to the world. It is crucial to appreciate and respect the inherent value that women bring to relationships and society as a whole. Treating women with care and admiration is not only a gesture of kindness but also a recognition of their significance in the human experience. In essence, love and support for women should be prioritized in all aspects of life.

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The women
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Why do you always look there.

The horizon does not see anything?

Burial and grainy memories.

Do not regret a hopeless love!

Strong up me ... the sky is high and wide.

There must be someone somewhere still waiting for you.

The rain is out of rain and the sun is soothing.

Sincere love is love should be important.

That love is considered a wave.

Sometimes passionate about joy.

Sometimes quietly pity.

In the human world, do not believe the promise.

I am heavy so my heart again.

Sincere love they don't understand.

They conquer the strange land.

I waited for them to go home.

I know how many stains in you are in pain.

Still aching every day because of love.

The old road shows me the scandal.

They don't know that I'm sad.

Strongly, I overcome the storm.

Do not be sad to make the gap more wide.

There is a long time to know the night.

But certainly ... sunrise will be sunny.

Strong up, don't hurt silently!



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  • alia3 months ago

    This is a poem worth once in a lifetime of reading and feeling

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