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The Winter Stalker

A Dispute

By Haggar BenPublished 13 days ago 1 min read
Top Story - November 2023
The Winter Stalker
Photo by Jaunathan Gagnon on Unsplash

A thin layer of snow coated the streets.

I crossed the intersection, acutely aware of the sleets.

Angrily walking after a noisy dispute,

I noticed a dark figure was in pursuit.

Night has fallen, and in the corner of my eye,

Something was hovering nearby.

I veered quickly into an alley,

Awaiting my stalker in attack for a rally.

The valves in my heart thumped irregularly

As adrenaline coursed into my veins impulsively.

I waited and remained waiting for what seemed like a while.

I decided to risk a peak from my exile.

Fear prickled over me to my revelation.

There was not a soul; what a damnation!

Footprints were absent from the snow.

Perhaps I was frightened by my own shadow.

Emotions running high in the heat of an argument,

Indeed, such venom thoughts are quite turbulent.

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About the Creator

Haggar Ben

I love to dream and let my mind drift off into new worlds and characters.

With the use of this platform, I plan to practice the gift and artform of storytelling.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Rana Shafiq10 days ago

    I am professor Shafiq masters in Mathematics and post graduate,in computer science I teach maths, physics and chemistry. my interpretation is purely based on students' comprehension ability. If the student doesn't understand the subject, I explain with the basics until he understands the topic. Basically maths is a logical subject, if we grasp magic we don't need to worry about maths subject.... Very positive and productive content ♥️♥️

  • Rana Shafiq10 days ago

    The narrative skillfully builds tension and suspense, leading the reader through a chilling sequence of events. The sudden revelation at the end adds a twist, highlighting the psychological impact of fear and how it can distort perceptions in the heat of the moment. The interplay of emotions and the atmospheric setting contribute to a gripping tale.

  • Daphne Sampson11 days ago

    Wow, this was wild! You did a wonderful job, creating tense and psychological thriller in this poem. 

  • Grz Colm11 days ago

    Excellent writing - moody and atmospheric. Well done.

  • Steven12 days ago

    Personally, I don't like winter

  • Inside the story, there is some fear and some romance.

  • Naveed12 days ago

    Amazing job! Keep up the outstanding work—congrats!

  • Daphne Ludlam12 days ago

    Great pacing and world-building

  • Mr Ahsan12 days ago

    This is so crazy for me. Congrats on top story you deserve

  • Madi Haywood12 days ago

    Fab poem! Well done on Top Story - you deserve it!

  • JBaz12 days ago

    We’ve all been there at least once. Well Done with the way you presented this feeling with words Congratulations

  • Gerald Holmes12 days ago

    Well done. Congrats on Top Story

  • RAKESH WANGE12 days ago


  • Oooo, this was so creepy! Loved your poem!

  • Margaret Brennan13 days ago

    I've seen and still see shadows moving around me periodically, and no, they are not my shadows. Maybe one day, they'll tell me who they are and what they want.

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