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The Weekend

Weekend Reverie

By CHRISTIAN PPublished 21 days ago 1 min read
The Weekend
Photo by Hansjörg Keller on Unsplash

The weekend dawns with gentle grace,

A time to slow the hurried pace,

The sun awakens, skies are clear,

Moments cherished, loved ones near.

Saturday morn, a golden hue,

Adventures wait, both old and new,

A walk through woods, a quiet stream,

Or lazy hours lost in a dream.

Coffee sipped with morning's light,

Books and laughter, pure delight,

Afternoons that stretch and yawn,

Peaceful as a summer dawn.

Sunday whispers, soft and low,

Time to bask in the afterglow,

Brunches shared with friends so dear,

Every moment held sincere.

As twilight falls, the weekend fades,

Yet leaves behind the joy it made,

A tapestry of rest and cheer,

Memories to hold all year.

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I am “Christian p" a passionate writer with an insatiable curiosity and a lover of storytelling let's dive into the realm of words, weaving into narratives that captivate the imagination. Drawing inspiration from life's experiences.

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Comments (2)

  • Manisha Dhalani21 days ago

    Nicely written

  • Nice boy, oh very very clever! Hey, how do you fit that amazing words at the end 😍. Lol!


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