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The Voice of Books

A Poem on the Power of Reading

By SanjeevPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Within the pages of a book,

Lies a world that we can overlook.

Words that whisper, stories that sing,

A voice that can make our spirits take wing.

The voice of books is one that speaks,

A language that every reader seeks.

It's a voice that carries wisdom and truth,

A companion that's with us in age and youth.

With each page turned, a new story unfolds,

A world of wonder, with secrets untold.

The voice of books can take us afar,

From the mountains high to the depths of the stars.

It's a voice that can bring joy and pain,

A reflection of life, again and again.

But in its pages, we find a friend,

A voice that will stay with us till the very end.

So let us listen to the voice of books,

And all the wonders that it cooks.

For in its words, we find a way,

To live a life, in every day.

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"Captivating tales weaved with words, emotions, and imagination. I am a storyteller who paints a picture of adventure, love, and life. Let me take you on a journey with my words."

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