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The Vibe Of Home

by Gal Mux 2 months ago in social commentary

Home is a vibe

The Vibe Of Home
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They say that home is where your story begins

That home is where the heart is

That home is a collection of the things you love

A list of your favorite things 

That it's a story of who you are

Maybe home is somewhere I am going and have never been before Warsan Shire wrote. And that's because she was writing about refugees running away from their homes seeking a home where peace resides. A new home. 

 Is home a personal journey? A journey from who you were, through who you are to whom you are destined to be? I wonder…

To me, home is not a place. Home is a feeling. A vibe 

You can't touch home. But you can feel it 

You may be home and not feel at home. And you may be in a strange place and feel at home

Same way you may feel chocked in your mother's arms but feel at peace when wrapped in a stranger's embrace

You may feel unwelcome in the house you grew up in but feel bliss in a rundown abandoned shell

You may lay in your cosy bed in the home you share with your loved ones and still feel as one being pierced by sharp thorns. And you may lay flat on hard concrete and still dream a thousand dreams

Home to me is where silence reigns. Where sweet solitude looms  

Where rain falls, seeds sprout and bees buzz

It's where pink and purple flowers bloom  

Home is a good book. A good story

Where Beyoncé and Michael Jackson are playing and dance can be sporadic

Home is where judgment is at bay. Where people love you and take you for who you are. Not who they want you to be

Home is accepting. It's where you receive love even when you feel unlovable. Even when you don't love yourself. Even when you are hard to love

Home is unfiltered. It's authentic. It's real

Home is a place of collaboration not competition 

Where people build each other for mutual growth

It's a place of humility and modesty

It's where hugs, cuddles, and kisses are shared readily

Where hot romance and good dick meet

Home is a place full of joy where laughter is spontaneous 

It's where 'please', ' I'm sorry', 'Thank you', 'you are welcome' are said readily 

It's where 'I love you' is said frequently and is meant wholly 

Home makes you smile

It's warm, cosy, embracing, and evolving 

Home is here and there. It's what was and what will be

Home is what you create

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social commentary

Gal Mux

Lover of all things reading and writing, mango 🥭

and pineapple 🍍salsas, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, MJ, and Beyoncé.

Nothing you learn is ever wasted. So learn everything you can.

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Gal Mux
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