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The Veil of Illusion

Peeling Away the Layers of Illusion, to Reveal the Truth Beneath the Veil

By RiparianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Veil of Illusion
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The veil of illusion, a mystery so grand

A world of wonder, that we can't understand

The reality we see, is it all a dream?

Or is it an illusion, that's not what it seems?

The things we know, and the things we see

A world of wonder, that's hard to believe

The veil that covers, our eyes so wide

A world so different, that we can't abide.

The shadows we see, and the things we feel

A world of wonder, that we can't reveal

The veil of illusion, a riddle so profound

A secret so deep, that it can't be found.

But we will keep searching, until we unveil

The truth behind, the veil so pale

And understand the mysteries, that lie ahead

And shed the illusion, that's full of dread.

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