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Chase My Dreams

By #KristinaWritesPublished 3 months ago 2 min read

I had a dream last night that was wild and surreal a landscape that was strange, but somehow familiar I was running through a field of towering grass the wind whipping through my hair, I felt alive at last

I came across a river, with water clear as glass and on the other side, a city in the distance, vast I tried to cross the river, but the water was too deep I looked around for a bridge, but there was not a single creep

Then out of nowhere, a giant peacock appeared with feathers bright and shimmering, it was quite revered It offered me a ride across the river's flow and I eagerly accepted, not wanting to go

We flew above the city, the peacock and I, the buildings and the people, a blur as we flew by, we landed on a rooftop, high above the fray and the peacock turned to me, and this is what it had to say:

"You are a dreamer, my dear, and your dreams are yours to keep but sometimes they can be scary, and make you want to weep but don't be afraid to face them, no matter how absurd for they are a reflection of your thoughts and of your word"

The peacock then flew off, leaving me alone but I felt empowered, and no longer prone to the fear and anxiety that dreams can bring I was ready to face them, and to spread my wings

So, I flew off the rooftop, and soared through the sky my dreams were my own, and I was no longer shy to embrace the strangeness, and all that it entailed for I was the mistress of my dreams, and I would never fail

To follow my heart, and to chase my dreams for they were a part of me, and all that it seems. Then I woke up feeling renewed, and ready to face the day with a newfound sense of purpose, and a brighter way.


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I love life & everyone in it! I have realized what I really want to do with my life; Write!

So, I'm an Ghost Blogger, Content Writer & Generalized Creator based in Texas and I write about...Life!

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