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the truth about honesty

by Kelly Schwenk Charleston about a month ago in Friendship

i am only honest with you.

the truth about honesty
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i am drowning

under layers

upon layers

upon layers

of pretending



so they will all think that i am ok.

you are the only one

who knows that i am not.

my anchor of sanity.

being honest with you is my oxygen.

without you,

i’m a slave in these chains.


no problem.

no worries.

i got this.

i’m fine.

no one else understands.

i could never tell them.

they would reject me.

they never say it, but i know.

they don’t want my honesty.

they don’t care about my truth.

they want what they want from me.

but not you.

with you, i am free.

with you, i can be real.

with you and you alone,

i am honest.

i am myself.

i am home.


Kelly Schwenk Charleston

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Kelly Schwenk Charleston
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