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The time to think

by ©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse 2 years ago in slam poetry
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Hmm... let's see?

I'd have to say the time to think, is between, 5-9 'o' clock in the morning. For me, that's my, "thinking time." I start out with scrolling through my Ko-fi account, looking to see if I have, any new, subscribers. Anyone, who cares about, "What I'm doing..." Hopefully, knowing, that "I'm not in it for the money, but, doing it for a living."

I'm just trying to, 'play my part'.

I get up, or never sleep, until that time, because that's about at long as it takes, within my 24-hour-day, to get myself off the 'ledge of despair', and climb back down to my 9-5, reality... stuck on a pandemic pause.

"Why is this shit happening to me?"

And why, the fuck should I vote? I'd like for anyone, with a political agenda, to feast on their greed, like a decadent thanksgiving dinner, and choke. I don't give a fuck who's in office. I'm just watching the clock... waiting for my break.

Waiting for my 5-9.

Me time!

Whether I'm sitting in my bed, or behind my desk, using my laptop as my source of inspiration, and my rolling tray, I roll up my 'herbal muse', in hemp, organic papers and Sit back. Smoke..."to, 'good health."

I don't care about having to come into the office, everyday.

I'd rather sit, here,and do things, like Sinatra, 'My Way'.

I'd rather sit, with my head, held 'high', tilted back, dreads, dangling down my back, smoke rings in the sky, and smoke, my way, into my higher self, and examine, my situation. I'd rather do it, high, on shatter, OG Kush, or these,"new, 'infused,' fruit gummy sensations.

I need that time to think.

I need to figure out, what will happen now? I need to worry about how I'll pay the bills, and about how I'll go broke, "if I get sick." I need to fear if I'll fucking die tomorrow, because, unlike, Trump, not all of us, have got that HMO, where you go home, from COVID in three days...quick!

I need to, sit here and have that time, to reflect on what I still need to do, with my life, despite all the pitfalls and somehow, make sense of it.

I need to elevate my shit!

slam poetry

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©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse

Hi! I'm "That Girl Muse," author, artist, muse, poet, surrealist and spirit guide, who uses creativity as a means to heal the mind. Each poem's a lil' bit of Inure Muse's story @Find_the_muse & support my work. You can also book me online!

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