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The things I burn...

To ash.

By BrettNotGregPublished 4 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read

The flame that burns on the candle is reminiscent of your energy.

The melting wax is your flightiness, your inability to exist, the dissolution of something that seemed to firm and grounded.

Today I smudged my apartment from corner to corner. As the thick smoke filled my apartment, the aroma reminded me of the time I woke up to you smudging yours. I let the sage burn a little extra over things that have collected your energy, like that bag of clothes you gave me as some sort of parting gift. Ultimately, it made me feel lighter.

Speaking of lighter, at 2AM, I lit a cigarette. I remember how I was able to quit so easily while you were in my life in that respect. I never had a craving. Oh, but now I do. As the tobacco and paper burn, so does my desire for things to be different.


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