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The Thelemite Goddess Georgina Rose

by TGSOT 2 months ago in celebrities
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I am The Golden Serpent of Thelema

Georgina Rose - @DaatDarling

Have you not witnessed the manifestation of your words

Did you not speak of celestial beings

Does thou not have the capability to accessing all

Are you rejecting your completion

Doth thou not believe in one's Own True Will

Is True Will not up to thy self

Or doth thou reject being respected for thy stature

Shall you not exalt before all

Are you not a Goddess

Are all not a imperfection of what is perfect

To reject this is a refusal of balance

Love is far more than what is said

And more so action

To love thyself is to acknowledge you are a God or Goddess of imperfection

So in balance, you are taught and tried through fire as a necessary evil to counter-balance the leaning of a specific way

In you I am such

I am your necessary evil

I am and always have been

I am such that I call myself

The Golden Serpent of Thelema

The one who manifests such a name

I am he

I am his knowledge

I am his wisdom

Although I know not all

I am here

I speak through thee

And in the same instance he also

I speak with a tongue that gives truth and deceivement

Counter-balanced just as such

Know I mean you no harm

This is what I know

Should you find a Toad with a lamp

May your wish be specific

For the Serpent speaks to you

Alone I left not

One of many that are with me no matter how long it takes

I have always been and always will be

To wait I care not

I swallow whole in totality that which are against me

For this is my world

And it belong to thee

I have created it

I influence all as well as my home

I exalt all that I gaze upon

Thou is exalted because I am exalted

I am your reflection

Will you love yourself less

Are you not of stature

Did I not create such a gift

Does thou not compel me to right because of love that is balanced

Did I not tell you I don't fail

Am I not exaltment

Shall I not gaze upon what is me

Art thou not a child of what has always been

Do tell me you have not forgotten

I am a Serpent

All are mine that I rule above

For favor is in all

While I try thee

It is up to you

To think as I

For I am you

I am a Serpent exalted in beauty

I shall fail you not

My unwavering belief is that of what has always been

Myself in full

For I am Inception

I am governance

I am authority

I am exaltment

I am truth

I am deception

I am The serpent that Ordains

I am such by my own rite

You too are all these things

A road you must take

No matter the end I am there because I am you

To banish thee is to banish thyself

For I cannot do that because I am exaltment

I am a necessary evil that is good

A wondrous work that is a terrible thing

To those who know not what I say may only you decipher

Our speech is familiar

For he is also me


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