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The Sweetest Amaranth

Folklore Type Poem

By Joseph McCallPublished 4 months ago 2 min read

These are the dreams of aeons

The acme of the grandeur euphoria

The witless minds created a hell

And we are born in their paradise

We will not rest till life is abundant

and death is cast into the sun

Our souls will be detained by our loving darkness

Our only light the sweetest amaranth

Its love lies bleeding a peaceful glow

A glow of the utmost aureole

Its glow will never fade, never die

Its purple tint always showing, it lives without achromasia

The light of our dear amaranth shows us everything

Everything that we want to see and nothing else

It will never show us our fears or our hate

We will not see the foul alated demons

Our hearts remain pure

Blessed by the light of the amaranth

Our hearts are our own

Nothing touches them not even love

But ah, then how can we live so peacefully

If we can't feel love, what can we feel

Who will be deified above all else if not love

Oh my sweetest amaranth you have damned us all

You show us all that we want

But love is left absent

There is an abyss in my heart

My heart so pure, so innocent

The of love shan't touch me

For our sweetest amaranth has cast it aside

It shows us no hate and thinks we are at peace

Well it is all a falacy

Oh great amarant, show us your altruistic ways

Let us see how great our love can be

Give us a chance to acknowledge life

Let us aberrate from your path adumbrated

And with my last plea

Our sweetest amaranth alas faded

The touch of purple loses the air

And we are left in our loving darkness

Our knowledge of love keeps us in the dark

We search blindly for our fate

To find our love we fear is lost forever

Never Again to see the light of our sweetest amaranth


About the Creator

Joseph McCall

Start writing...i prefer to right poetry but i aspire to write full novels i need money to go to college for creative writing to pursue my talents

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