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The Surprise Visit

How to keep your friends happy

By Julie LacksonenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Surprise Visit
Photo by Şahin Sezer Dinçer on Unsplash

My friend popped in just to say, "Hi."

She didn't warn me that she was coming by.

My dishes were dirty. My place was cluttered.

"Maybe I should have called," she softly muttered.


She wasn't really trying to be rude,

But I was already in a sour mood.

My boss had laid into me at work,

And on the way home, I was cut off by a jerk.


I whispered, "Come in a year. That'd be sweet.

Maybe by then, my place will be neat."

Her eyes opened wide, and her jaw dropped down.

That's the thanks I gave her for coming around?


After apologizing and telling her about my day,

I gave her a drink, and she decided to stay.

The moral is, friends will remain much more sincere

If you make sure to stock up lots of wine and beer.

...and clean up after yourself, you slob!

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About the Creator

Julie Lacksonen

Julie has been a music teacher at a public school in Arizona since 1987. She enjoys writing, reading, walking, swimming, and spending time with family.

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  • Denise E Lindquist5 months ago

    My son and his fiance' just told me that it is okay to stop by if you are a country bumpkin, but with busy life city folk, you best call first! In other words, since we are the bumpkins, they were giving us fair warning that they are important and need to put a visit on their calendar. Good thing we were invited.💕😊

  • This was funny and relatable!

  • Linda Rivenbark2 years ago

    I needed that laugh. Now I need to go tidy up my house.

  • Babs Iverson2 years ago

    Humorous!!! The bottomline is to keep things tidy. You never know when some one will stop by.

  • Cathy holmes2 years ago

    Haha. I love this. Well done.

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