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The Superlative Supper Sestina

A Tautogram in Sestina Form

By Gigi GibsonPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
The Superlative Supper Sestina
Photo by Stella de Smit on Unsplash

Seven siblings select supper supplies.

Seven scenarios support selections served.

Seven simple supplies spawn supper.

Seven secrets silence squabbling siblings.

Six siblings spill seventh’s secret.

Seven separations supervene – Seven!


Silver sister said supplies sum seven.

Spinach, sushi, soybean sprouts… salubrious supplies.

Single sister – seductive – safeguards salacious secret.

Skanky Scuz… soap, shampoo… suggestion served.

Second son – supercilious slanderer… scorns siblings.

Seventh sniveling sister – sloshed – sipping Sangria supper.


Scotch, Singapore Sling, Shandy… slurring… supper.

Salty sot. Stop! said sister seven.

Six selfish, superincumbent siblings!

Smoked salmon? Sister submitted supplies.

Siblings spurned soup, salad, squash served.

Siblings scorn. Share someone’s shrouded secret?


Sniffing smoke, snorting snuff… surly son’s secret.

So? Sleazy Sam’s swearing slams supper.

Silence! shouted Sarah. Snails, squid served.

Sickening! snarled seven.

Subtle support, sanctioned sis. Suggest supplies?

Sausage, steak, strawberry shortcake, said siblings.


Scrumptious! Sensational! shrieked siblings.

Silver sister showcased stolen, scintillating, sapphire secret.

Scandalous! squealed Sarah. Spare supplies?

Satisfying, snickered Sam. Sometime supper?

Six secrets shown. Someone’s seven?

Splendid supper soon served?


Sarah’s spreading schmooze – sneaky scoundrel served

Stained stories slamming siblings.

Shattered souls sequestered siblings seven.

Sorrow supersedes seven sibling's secret.

Sit. Straighten. Sensibility. Sentimentality. Softheartedness. Supper.

Serving snake, skunk, salamander, scorpion supplies.


Slugs, sponge, squirrel supplies.

Sufferin’ Succotash! Surprise!... Supper!

Silly snickering siblings… seek special secret.

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Gigi Gibson

Gigi Gibson is a writer and poet. She loves little rescue dogs, interior decorating, and chocolate. “To evoke an emotional response in my readers… that would be the most satisfying thing that I could accomplish with my writing.”

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  • Jazzy 10 months ago

    I could not do this even if I tried! Bravo!

  • Great Job ✨❤️😉💯🎉

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