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The Summer I Spent Alone

by Laquesha Bailey 19 days ago in sad poetry

A sonnet about one hundred and fifty days of self-isolation

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A crisis. Havoc. All at once, alone.

Advice defined, doors sealed, the virus raged.

When ‘shy’ is default, silence feels as home,

Forlorn relief; to others, ragged cage.

The cries of summer seep in, proud and deep.

Bird songs, wind falls, shrill chimes of virtual calls

Are signals, rousing me from peaceful sleep.

Alive it seems, reprieve before the fall.

One hundred fifty days sans human touch;

A soundless summer season, shining gloom.

Up, eat, stretch, cry and find a show to watch

To forget the suffocating cell room.

Strategic distance bears greatest weapon,

Yet too much space, a slow-burning poison.

sad poetry
Laquesha Bailey
Laquesha Bailey
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Laquesha Bailey

22 years old literally, about 87 at heart. I write about self care, university life, money, music, books and whatever else that piques my interest.


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