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The Strongest Woman I've Ever Known

By S.E.Linn

By S. E. LinnPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 2 min read

The strongest woman I've ever known

Are just words to someone who is all alone.

When he hurt her heart for the second time

You said, "That's too bad, sure she'll be fine."

Time after time when she lost her voice.

You all just shrugged, "It was her choice."

She'll be fine,

After all, she's grown.

She's the strongest woman I've ever known.

Then he'd reel her back

Another dent.

Each time a piece of her soul was bent.

After awhile she ceased to care,

He may be mean but, at least, he's there.

It was her fault,

every assault.

Another excuse

for non ending abuse

It made her so tired.

Now the guy was in her head,

And more and more of her soul was dead.

Raising two kids who didn't know,

Because every day she'd put on a show.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine," she said.

But too much of her soul was already dead.

She thought of her kids,

Waited for them to grow.

You've got to hold on.

It's selfish to go.

The only person around was him.

and the light in her soul was growing dim.

So back she went,

She started to pray,

A voice in her head

hoped it would be okay.

Her friends had left her long before

Her family hadn't called her yet

She's the strongest woman they've ever met.

But they were wrong,

That woman's dead.

Bit by bit he chipped away

An ice pick into softened clay,

Her light leaked out,

She couldn't feel.

People are busy

It's no big deal.

That kind of abuse had left a scar.

She couldn't shake it,

He'd gone too far.

She couldn't stop him,

Couldn't leave

Could no longer think clearly

She couldn't breathe.

She had no Dad, no brothers or friend.

She checked her phone,

No texts to send.

No one except for him.

So, the woman decided to give up and in.

She knew she wasn't strong enough to win.

And with the bullet that went through her pretty head,

The strongest woman they've ever known was dead.

The scariest thing when you think it through...

If it can happen to her, my darling,

It can happen to you.


About the Creator

S. E. Linn

Hi! I'm the owner of YAASSS! a copywriter, reviewer, editor, blogger, ghostwriter, poet, international teacher, published author, dog lover, sheet wadder, and proud mom of 2 amazing humans.

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Comments (2)

  • Imuabout a month ago


  • Rachel Deeming4 months ago

    Excellent. This made me feel tight in my gut and sad throughout and angry too. A great range of emotions evoked which must mean it was powerful writing.

S. E. LinnWritten by S. E. Linn

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