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The Strength Within

The strength within lies within us all

By Edison AdePublished about a month ago 2 min read
The Strength Within
Photo by Stijn Swinnen on Unsplash

The strength within lies within us all

A power that we can call upon, whenever we may fall

In times of weakness and uncertainty

It wells up inside us, a source of inner resilience and stability

We carry this strength within us, a force that never fades

A spark of courage that drives us, no matter how tough the journey ahead

With every step we take, it grows a little stronger

Guiding us forward, towards our goals and aspirations

Through the storms of life, it shines like a beacon

A constant reminder to never give up, no matter how hard the going gets

It illuminates the path ahead, even when it seems unclear

And gives us the fortitude to overcome our fears

For the strength within is a powerful thing

It gives us the power to achieve any goal we set our minds to

No challenge is too great, no obstacle too tough

When we have the strength within to guide us through

So let us hold our heads up high

And let the strength within us shine

For we are capable and resilient, and nothing can stop us now

With this inner power to show us how

We will weather any storm, and rise above

For the strength within is the strength of love

It fills us with hope and determination

And helps us to keep moving forward, no matter the situation

No matter what life throws our way, the strength within will stay

It gives us hope, courage, and strength

To forge ahead, and find any length

And brighten up even the darkest of souls

So let us embrace this strength, and let it guide our way

Through the darkest of nights, and the brightest of days

For it is the strength within that will see us through

And help us to reach our dreams, and make them all come true.

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