The Stages of Us

by L.A Perrin about a year ago in heartbreak

5 Short Poems from One Relationship

The Stages of Us

A Thin Line

I hate you

A part of me hates you

It's not a decision I consciously came to

Loving you is something I seem to do

But they’ve come as a two

I hate you

For what you make me do

And you make me love you


Guilt, with some actions it is in built

What I did wasn’t wrong

But now you’ve lied

And when the time comes I’ll have to play along

The secrets you’ve told

I’ll keep them safe

But I hope she’s easily sold

On my fake smile

Because for you I’ll try

But forced smiles only last for a while


Today I said goodbye

I finally found the courage to say goodbye

I don't know why, when it was all expected

I still feel so dejected

We were both unhappy

That was easy to see

But I still hoped you might fight

That part of you would want to fight for me

1:07 AM

It’s 1:07 I’m sat drinking and writing poetry alone.

In a place that’s not my home.

Yet somehow, I’m in the zone.

When did I become nomadic?

When did alcohol start to do the trick?

Why with every word I write,

Do my messed-up insides want to cry?


Today was a good day

I enjoyed talking to you

Without longing for you

Today was a good day

Because I realised just friends

Wasn’t so far away.

How does it work?
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L.A Perrin

I'm a 22 year old student, from the south west. My writing tends to reflect the thoughts of myself and other young people around me about the experiences we have had in the contemporary university culture.

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