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The Stage

First poem of a Sci-fi Greek tragedy

By Laurel DreyersPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
The Stage
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Though she has spoken

They heed not her word.

In a city dying

Guarded once by the sword.

Justice has fallen,

And the home, destroyed.

Yet she stands on the walls

And her power employs.

She knows they will not flee,

They won’t turn from their ways.

Still she stands from dawn,

Till death of the day.

A mother of two daughters,

With one carrying the gift.

A husband and his treasures,

Setting forth to heal the rift.

With her home and her power,

Holding the city in hand.

Will a prophet’s words be strong enough,

To keep a planet from crumbling to sand?

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About the Creator

Laurel Dreyers

I write Sci-fi, fiction, poetry, and horror. Some of my favorite books are the Lunar Chronicles, Agatha Christie mysteries, and the Sherlock Holmes memoirs.

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  • WOA10 months ago

    I really enjoyed the structure of this piece, and I love the language used to describe the protagonist. Good work!

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