The Special Sense That Sometimes Lives in My Heart…


The Special Sense That Sometimes Lives in My Heart…

There is a beautiful feeling that sometimes lives in my heart,

In my soul I feel my father is close to me, and loves me, he is in my heart.

He lives in me…I know, but sometimes I cry and things are painful,

I can’t say anything… no words for what I feel in my soul.

I feel that my soul is blank for a little moment, and I feel that I am with angels,

Here is no evil or hate…only love, tears, and me.

When I feel this moment, pain comes in my heart and in my soul,

I cry and I want to shout: Oh father… - please help me”! Because I feel that I am lost.

Please take away my blindness, please give me trust, strength, and that I won’t be afraid,

Please… you are the one reaches to me, I know and I feel.

Anna Christian
Anna Christian
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Anna Christian

I grew up in Hungary in a foster home.I built my whole life on music.It always filled up a very special place in my heart, it still does, and it always will.Music always gave me strength, made me feel safe, and made me stronger as a person.

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