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The Sound of My Mind

by Carmine Giangregorio 2 months ago in performance poetry

Expressed through my art

Who am I?

I am

an actor 🎭,

a singer 🎤 ,

a songwriter ,

a passionate dreamer.

Art is love and love is the heartbeat of life. Art is what keeps me inspired, what gives me life. As an actor, I want to embrace those strong inner messages that live inside a text , a character , a story and be able to communicate them to an audience in the best way possible. I have this gut feeling, this thing, that resonates through my whole body every single time I discover one of them, and then I immediately feel this sense of duty That I have towards them, as if the character itself appears in front of me and tells me “ Please, you have the essence of my soul on the palm of your hand , I can’t express it without you , so take good care of it”.

This is something that overwhelms me and fascinates me all the time, because the reason why I decided to follow this journey of becoming an actor derives from this strong need that I always had since I was a child of expressing this kind of vital flame that lays inside myself and when I act, not only I can do it, but I also give those stories and characters the voice they need.

This whole essence that we call the universe, that we paint as God is in everything and everywhere and we have it inside because we are part of it, as if God itself splits in different ways to look at itself from different angles. So connecting to this core energy is the best way to realize yourself.

Acting does this to me. It has nothing to do with lying. It is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances, exploring humanity and life through different lenses. It helps me understand and awaken that flame that I was talking about. This happens also when I am writing songs, lyrics, monologues, stories, because through them I express myself and my soul.

I am inviting you to take a deep breath

And reset your mind to make it smile again

No line

Remember you are alive

The say we live in space and time

Do you believe in catching lights?

They say we’re living to fight, love is a game of pain

That time is passing us by, death is the final phase

So many people walking through the city lights

Toss a coin, make a wish, that’s the sea and you’re a fish

Salty drops, tears and cash, when your heart is getting tense

If only we could stop and sense.

What would it be?

Tell me

What would it be??

Cause I can see we’re all so stressed and we scream to survive

You can’t see straight if you keep blinding your mind

We wanna love but end up drunk in a bar

Give me a sign

We’ve lost connection to the silence inside

Stay with me the night night

I need to fly

Touch me gently,

Take a trip into the sky

So we can fly


The dark is coming, stay the night

Sunset as a state of mind

Caress this eyes

So they can fly

Never been good at trusting, at how to deal with fear

Sometimes when I feel close, I’d rather disappear

But when you’re hurt and still feel love you just can’t run away from that

Guess I gotta take the test, one day Maybe I will understand

Looking for some peace of mind .. in this storm , in my head /

Fighting demons, I just wanna be myself

All these chains I create

Makes me slowly fade away

Breathe, cause life is happening

An endless burning flame that keeps on traveling

And we’re some travelers with no specific place

Tonight Your eyes on mine, let’s wash the pain away

Flesh and dust, freezing frames, constellations above

What if all those planets are just voices of a wider chords

I write a song

I want to love

Don’t let me go

Stay with the the night

And show me some

Part two take a chance not to let me go forever

Wanna breathe pure air, Take a breath a white feather

As I’m writing about this mind, let me dive in the storm

free the time, you can’t lie when fulfilling your soul

I need a song

I need to love, sinking deep in this roots, no lost no more

When all that pain gets to your thoughts, and there’s no light and there’s no hope

You trying run and run and hide, You just don’t want to hurt, it’s cold

But this is not, what you are

There is a blinding flame inside

Don’t let it die

Would you surrender if I showed you all my heart?

When sadness comes , will you Still keep me in your arms ?

I swear I’ll never ask for me, my time is yours.

performance poetry

Carmine Giangregorio

Artistic being

24 years on this Earth. Rome/London

Actor. 🎬 🎭

Writer. ✍️

Singer/rapper. 🎧 🎤

More than just a label.

Your uniqueness is your signature and your strength

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Carmine Giangregorio
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