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The Silent Whisper

Stirrings of The Soul

By Natasha HarrisonPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

The Silent Whisper:

Stirrings of The Soul:

    • There is a quiet whisper,
  • A tendril of air,
  • It’s light and delicate,
  • No need to beware.
  • It rumbles within,
  • A slow spur of despair,
  • If you listen closely,
  • It will speak a most important prayer.

  • It’s within us all,
  • A flicker of hope.
  • A glimpse and a promise,
  • That we can surely cope.

  • It’s there to guide,
  • To be by our side.

  • It is within this space,
  • This place,
  • That we may safely hide and confide.
  • It starts as a whisper,
  • A barely audible sound,
  • But if one quiets the noise,
  • Its utterings are most profound.

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About the Creator

Natasha Harrison

Healing via human connection from Trauma & Abuse.

Mental Health & Illness. Neurodiversity.

Lived Experience.



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