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"The Serenity of Meditation"

My Escape from the Expectations of Others

By Upasana KhatriPublished about a year ago 1 min read
"The Serenity of Meditation"
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Amidst the chaos of life's demands,

I seek a refuge, a peaceful land.

A place where expectations fade,

And my inner voice can be heard unafraid.

Meditation is my escape,

A chance to find my center and my pace.

It's a space to let my worries go,

And allow my inner light to glow.

The outside world demands so much,

And I feel the pressure with every touch.

But when I sit in stillness and breathe,

My worries and doubts begin to leave.

I feel my heart beat in time with my breath,

As I sink deeper into this place of rest.

The weight of the world begins to lift,

And I feel my spirit begin to shift.

I release the expectations of others,

And listen only to my own true voice.

For in this space of peace and calm,

I find the strength to make my own choice.

Meditation is my escape,

My chance to find my own true way.

It's a reminder to always listen within,

And let my own light guide me again and again.

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Upasana Khatri

I enjoy writing about human relationships, technology, current affair and science field.My writing often delves into the complexities of human emotions, examining how they influence our relationships and our lives.

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    Upasana KhatriWritten by Upasana Khatri

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