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the sea and the color red

how to be a poet in three easy stanzas

By Kit OlsenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
the sea and the color red
Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

who first looked at a blank paper

(probably someone who thought he was doing

an act of good,

an act of God;

and Men cursed his name for it afterwards

'til his name was forgotten)

and thought, 'I must fill it?'

'I must fill this blank paper,

fill it with light and sound--'

(wasn't he pretentious?

what an asshole.)

'-- fill it with laughter, despair,

the sea, and the color red,

'til the pages bleed in black

cuneiform lines.'

now I sit, staring at a blank paper

trying to capture with graphite wrapped in wood

(laughter, despair,

the sea, and the color red)

cursing a forgotten name,

'til I forget my own

and ask aloud,

'who's the pretentious asshole now?'

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Kit Olsen

Queer poet, short fiction author, and long-time storyteller of all varieties. Feel free to stick around and see if anything catches your fancy!

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