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The salty coastline

by Erica Jordan 5 months ago in surreal poetry

Portland, Maine

The salty coastline
Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

The salty coastline

Portland, Maine

I sat here to take a rest.

I can’t walk the rest of the way.

I want to write about all the colors and the beauty hidden in this city.

Right now I can’t though,

The fog still hasn’t lifted.

But it’s still early.

It’s early enough for the city though.

Coast life. Tourist; people, cars, rucks, police and fire engines going by.

Heard over my headphones.

I could go on but Ill spare you the details.

Yuck, I hate crowds.

There goes the kids train we have that runs here in town,

Another hidden gem.

A very small old working train we have.

Takes kids and their family probably one to two miles total?

Kids love it.

It’s cute.

Pass by the water and the beach.

I wish this fog would burn off, I want to go to the beach.

I’m Irish but somehow even paler.

Maybe because I'm growing frailer?

I don’t know

I’m not going to try thinking that way,

Get out of my mind.

The fog is from the wildfires.

I don't think this is going to burn off like normal.

This season is a fantasy.

We have everything, today is just an off day.

Oh well, I’m walking home.

Good luck everyone.


surreal poetry

Erica Jordan

Tea is drug. I'm chronically ill. I cant do much except my art that helps my nerve pain and function. That's baking, painting , writing..... anything creative to use that outlet to express myself . Stay Wild Moon Child.

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