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The Saddest Future

A Poetic Depiction of a World Gone Awry

By Manikanda RamanPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Saddest Future
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In the future yet to come,

The world is dark and numb.

A place where hope is scarce,

And misery is the only farce.

The skies are filled with smog,

The earth is nothing but a bog.

The oceans are filled with waste,

The land is barren, and lifeless haste.

The trees are nothing but logs,

The animals are lost in fogs.

The rivers are filled with poison,

The air is filled with pollution.

The cities are deserted and bleak,

The future is nothing but bleak.

No laughter, no joy, no light,

Only darkness, only the saddest plight.

The people are weary and worn,

Their spirits are broken and torn.

No hope left for them to grasp,

Only the saddest future, a cruel trap.

In this world, there's no solace,

Only the weight of the saddest malice.

No love, no kindness, no grace,

Only the saddest future, a wretched space.

Yet amidst the darkness and despair,

A glimmer of hope lingers in the air.

A chance to turn the tides,

And to bring back hope from where it hides.

For in the future yet to come,

There's still time to turn the outcome.

To heal the world and make it right,

To shine a beacon of hope and light.

Let us all unite and take a stand,

To heal the world with our helping hand.

For the saddest future need not be,

If we come together and set it free.

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Comments (1)

  • Quincy.Vabout a year ago

    Let's work together towards a brighter future.👍👍👍

Manikanda RamanWritten by Manikanda Raman

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