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The Riverside

A poem

By Danielle Joy HackettPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Alluring is the riverside

her gentle water glows.

The moon, he sings in harmony

and charms her as she flows.

Twinkling on the surface

like emeralds in the night,

thousands of his children

reflect their fathers light.

Above, the stars awake and dance

which on her shoreline glisten.

She sings sweetly like a siren

they do not stop, yet listen.

Beneath salty waves, a different world

in which she fierce protects.

Her reign began the dawn of time

still now, all things she connects.

This hidden place of heaven,

she dwells unable to kill

surrounded by a dying world

alive, untouched, and still.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Danielle Joy Hackett

I’m an aspiring writer with a passion for creating art from the free world around me or the worlds that exist solely inside my head. I strive to connect closely with my audience as we together experience and express the human condition.

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  • Jennifer David4 months ago

    Quite interesting. The flow and rhyming help the whimsical feel I got from the visual. The begining is strong. I love the images you create. You created such effortless movement in your work. Beautiful

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