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The Revenge Girl

Who says you can't solve problems with violence?

By SaraPublished 5 months ago β€’ Updated 5 months ago β€’ 2 min read
The Revenge Girl
Photo by Luz Fuertes on Unsplash

I am a young, macabre, gothic girl

In a mystical, dangerous world

In a popular show that I will not name

Lest copyright stakes its claim

My peers mocked and picked on me endlessly

For I had no superpower, none had grown on me

Because of this, I beat everyone up

But only those who were stuck up

I punched one classmate square in the face

I threw another to the ground, despite his claims of great strength

I let no one escape

The wrath of my gaze

For if you looked down on me

I would not let you go free

A third male classmate had no shirt

He came at me with hot blacksmiths tongs, with intent to hurt

I stole them from him, despite the heat

And he gave up the fight, instead asking me to pierce his teat

I refused and insisted he go to a tattoo parlor

But wait, there's more, for my unconscious brain would continue to conjure

I accused a female classmate of trying to drug me

I saw her slipping unknown pills into my pill bottle while she thought I was asleep

I think I beat her up, I don't know, I can't remember

No one would stop me, not even teachers, for everyone seemed to fear my temper

But finally! My power developed. I could finally stop fighting

But it was just the ability to translate Asian writing

Only Asian languages, and only what was written down

Google Translate appeared over text as I looked around

It made me sad, I wanted the ability to bring meteors to the ground, killing my foes

But I knew that if I could, I would die too, that's just how it goes

A second female classmate developed powers of her own

She had red eyes, but one turned as pure white as a bone

Somehow I knew that something bad would happen, thus I told everyone to run

I looked behind me as I ran, and those around me began dropping dead, one by one

That is all I can remember, and it's not even the craziest dream I've had

Some give me the inspiration to write things like this, and for that I am glad

surreal poetry

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I am an avid reader and nonprofessional writer. My dream is to one day get published. I write fiction in various genres, and am currently writing my first novel. Any interaction helps, & contributions are greatly appreciated.

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