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The Red Present

#Horror #Christmas

By Tiffanie DotsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Eagerly the little children,

Wait to open me,

Happy to see,

All the beautiful gifts beneath the tree,

They squeal in delight and glee,

Unaware of the deceit,

Which is me.

I'm the one in the main back,

You see.

The furthest one out of reach,

A Red Present with a matching red bow,

Careful of the seeds you sow,

I've been sent here with a lesson to teach,

Oh, be careful of my teeth,

I may decide to feed off of you like a leech.

I'm asking you not to cry,

let your dry eyes be filled with morning sleep,

so you won't be able to see me,

as I sneak up on you from behind,

taking you for mine.

Open this box,

Santa's alive and in search of a new heartbeat,

I'm excited for the fresh new faces I'll see,

I'm eager to taste all the new meat.

Go ahead open me,

quick before your parents come,

don't you want your treat?

Don't worry I'll be quick,

You won't even feel the defeat,

It is a gift you see,

To be devoured by the red present,

Under the tree.

Yes, sure,

Oh how your heart will weep,

But you'll be all mine to keep,

Shhhh don't utter a peep.

Can't you see?

I'm saving you from growing up weak,

You'll forever be little and meek,

Never will you be smart enough to out trick me.

The answers you seek,

Can be found inside of my box,

C'mon open me up,

I know you're eager to peak,

Are you not curious about what Santa brought you this Christmas Eve?

I'm excited for us to meet,

I hear the pitter patter of your little feet,

With no parents in sight,

You turn on the light,

And head straight for me.

Without a care,

With your naughty little stare,

You began peaking at your presents without a care,

As you twirl your hair.

Such a naughty little girl,

Who sneakily opens me the night before Christmas Eve,

As she happily opens me,

She doesn't know that she'll never again be free,

For I am the Red Present beneath the tree.

She tears of my bow with delight,

Screaming with joy as she unwraps me,

The fright builds within,

Expecting that I hold a toy inside,

Unaware she will die tonight.

My lids comes off,

Finally she opens me,

I gobble her up with one gulp,

I leave no trace,

Not a even a pulp.

Her parents come down the stairs,

Their in for a terror and a scare,

As their little girl is missing,

On the morning of Christmas Eve,

They're so oblivious,

They walk right past me,

The unwrapped present sitting beneath the tree,

She's devastated that her parents can't see,

That she's stuck inside of my belly.

So tell any and all of me,

The evil red present hiding beneath the tree,

All will think your mad,

After all,

How can a present be all that bad.

Beware of the red present,

the spirit of mischief and mean,

they never see past my gleam,

to the monster lurking beneath the seams.

I come for all those who are naughty,

all those who are mean,

to steal away all their memories,

every single dream.

So if you see me beneath your tree,

Go ahead and open me,

You'll love what you find,

I might even make you lose your mind.

A year passes,

And all seem to forget about the little girl,

Who went missing suddenly,

Last Christmas eve.

Oh look!

It's Christmas time again,

A time for cheer,

A time for fear,

And there sits,

But only one single present beneath the tree.

A pretty red present with a pretty red bow.

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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About the Creator

Tiffanie Dotson

28 year old. KY. Horror/thriller/paranormal and dark fantasy are the genres I enjoy reading and writing the most. Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare and H.P Lovecraft are my favorite writers from old times. I find myself inspired by them.

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