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The real world

Things you must do for you.

By Cheyenne gavranovic Published about a month ago 1 min read

I’ve bled my soul into situations I had no control over. I’ve watched cities burn for people who would’ve never lit the match for me. Ive loved so wholeheartedly when I wasn’t even a sliver of someone’s heart.

The real world is unfair. It doesn’t care about your emotions, the way you love, the way you hate. You can give everything and only have a small chance of getting something. Stop pouring yourself into things that don’t matter.

In the real world you must pour your soul into yourself, be the one to light the match for yourself if you want to watch cities burn, love yourself so wholeheartedly that you’ll never have to depend on someone else to do it. Nobody will love you the way you can. Do it all for you.

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Cheyenne gavranovic

My name is Cheyenne Gavranovic. I am a self published author. I love to write. I may not write as good as others but I am learning to write better everyday. I hope you all enjoy the words I have to say. Thank you for the support.

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