The Real Me

by Kaya Terlaak about a year ago in slam poetry

Sick of Being Ignored

The Real Me

What about the real me?

The smart, vicious, mouthy girl no one wants to see?

The girl who won’t sleep with you more than three times gotta rewind go back to a peaceful time, peace of mind.

The girl with wild hair, wild eyes, wild stares, whose gaze lingers a little too long in the air,

Who’d put you in your place if you ever dared to walk over her she’d leave you scared, arms crossed and teeth bared?

What about the real me?

The one that no one wants to love because just hearing my story is hard enough or maybe I just love too hard need to lighten up, need to dumb it down, otherwise be barred, loving leaves me scarred.

Walk into a room and no one there knows a fucking thing about me but they can see I’m damaged, sense it from my energy, I don’t let it show it’s only if you get real close will I let you know that I’ve seen the world and that shit bites, so why would I let someone as insignificant as you to shame me for my size?

And now that I won’t bow down and I speak like I’m wearing a crown, you tell me you’re done with my shit, it’s over now, I’ll be alone for more than a moment now,

Because you can’t handle the real me.

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