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The Radiant Sun


By Safa JamaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Radiant Sun
Photo by Lenstravelier on Unsplash

Shining bright in the azure sky,

The sun, a golden orb on high.

Warming the earth with its gentle rays,

Blessing us with its life-giving ways.

Its light illuminates the world below,

Casting shadows where'er they go.

Nurturing plants with its radiant glow,

Helping all living things to grow.

Rising each morn to start the day,

Painting the clouds in golden array.

Setting at night, its duty done,

Until it rises again, the mighty sun.

Majestic, powerful, and ever true,

The sun, a wonder for me and you.

A symbol of life, hope, and cheer,

The sun, our friend, ever drawing near.

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