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The Privilege of Silence

by Rebeka Nguyen 3 months ago in social commentary
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A reflection of the silence after pride by a Japanese American Woman.

I can't afford to be silent

after the parade

Once the man, who has never had death grace his doorstep simply because of his existence, has made a few million

Off of others' strife and pride

The silence speaks louder than words

It reflects and amplifies

the hate that is spoken into existence

The silence reeks of

Executive order 9066

When families were stripped of their pride and homes

And concentrated into camps

When millions turned their heads

in silence

I do not have the privilege to not know the pain of silence.

Allies to

"All persons of Japanese descent"

Changed lives.

Allies will always carry that power and responsibility

To return the humanity

The kindness

The compassion

I don't have the privilege to be silent

It is palpable

It is agony

It is real

I do not thrive in the system that was never built for me.

For us.

Even after the parade is over,

I'll scream with you.

Even if at times

we need to hush our cries

for survival

I understand

l will be there

Acting as the centennial state

Because a safe haven in injustice manifests love

No matter how "legal" a person's existence

I will be an ally

Until the end of time

For those whose existence

came at too high a cost

before it could become a profit.

social commentary

About the author

Rebeka Nguyen

asian american millennial full of existential angst

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