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The Price of Priorities

Regrets and Reflections on Time Spent

By aly suhailPublished about a year ago 1 min read
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A life spent chasing dollars,

A youth too busy to play,

No time for leisurely hours,

No moment to while away.


Days spent hustling and grinding,

To secure a bank balance grand,

But youth is fleeting, unwinding,

Like the grains of sand.


The world moves fast, never pausing,

And youth is but a fleeting thing,

A time for fun, for love, for causing

A little mischief, a little swing.


But life is hard, and bills must be paid,

And work becomes a daily grind,

The youth once lived is now delayed,

As responsibilities take over the mind.


The young man toils and labors,

Day in, day out, his mind on gold,

The future's bright, or so he savors,

A life of wealth, and not growing old.


Years fly by, and the young man's now old,

The money's in the bank, the wealth is found,

But where did the years go, where's the gold?

It's now too late, no more youth to be found.


The old man sits, counting his days,

The end is near, and regrets flood in,

All the money that he made,

Cannot buy back the lost youth within.


So take a break, smell the roses,

Don't let life just pass you by,

Find joy in the little things,

Before the sun sets in the sky.


Balance work and play with pleasure,

Life's too short to just earn and save,

Find joy in each day's treasure,

And make memories that will stay.


The youth may be gone, but there's still time,

To make the most of what remains,

To live each day with joy and rhyme,

And leave behind life's lasting stains.


So let the old man teach the young,

And let the lesson be well learned,

For life is not just work and fun,

But moments that will forever burn.


And when the sun sets on your life,

May you look back with joy and pride,

Knowing that you lived it right,

And never let the good times hide.

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