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The Precipice.

by Lucia B. 11 months ago in surreal poetry
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We think we're brave until it's time to fall.

The Precipice.
Photo by Zoltan Fekeshazy on Unsplash

I stand near the edge

The sea is roaring below

Adventure awaits a step beyond

If I’ll just let myself go

I got myself some wings

Melted wax and gull feathers

Don’t fly too close to the sun they say

Or in stormy weather

If there are no clouds or rain

Then the sun is bound to shine

So I know that I’ll be waiting forever

If I’m waiting for the right time

But as I watch the waves

And feel the wind on my back

I hear the birds call to me

And I know it’s courage I lack

My heart beats anxiously

This is my chance to fly

I have the strength to do it-

But do I have the courage to try?

I’ve always said I’d rather have loved and lost

then never loved at all

But truth be told that’s much easier to say

when you’re not about to fall

surreal poetry

About the author

Lucia B.



Linguist & Aspiring Polyglot


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