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The Power of my Sex..

by TGSOT 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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Beware of becoming a slave to your crave

The Power of my Sex..
Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

Unbound and relentless

Exhilarating and unchained

The air thickens as you call out my name

Your soft lips pressed against mine

Your flesh against my flesh

As our tongues dance with one another

Your smell so inviting

Your look so enticing

Our minds tell one another to play out everything we’ve been fantasizing

Your presence is a gift

The nectar you hold is sweet and true

For you are truly to die for

In this moment you are mine and I am yours

The smell of your aroma ignites a fire in my soul

The taste of your skin turns me to a mild beast

Looking to devour all that you are

I handle you with care

I leave you in ruins

Then I put you back together only to make you crave more

So I can feel your being submit to me in full

There are no boundaries with one another

Only the agreement in laughter to the safe word pineapple

I gaze into your eyes as we continue our sexual conquest of reaching a pinnacle climax of pleasure and satisfaction

Our minds are only riddled with pleasing and releaving one another of the thoughts of the world

In this moment nothing else matters nor exists besides you and I

To take you away from all your troubles

I bring you an escape that is forbidden and cherished by few

Mind blank and body numbed you fall in love with all of me in its entirety

surreal poetry

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Poetry & creative writing based on having an unbiased perspective of perspectives. Spiritual Theories and Transformation of ones own consciousness.

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