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The Power In Words Return

by Stu E about a month ago in inspirational

When the hill has been climbed

The Power In Words Return
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I stopped to ask myself, where have you been all this time?

Then I look more closely, at your youth, your vibrancy, 

your clarity and purpose of mind.

In that instant, I come to understand this is your time,

a single moment that waited patiently, agonizingly,

for your arrival.

A new generation with wisdom at the helm

That defies your shortness of years,

But speaks to the coming of a new age.

If there be one place we did not fail,

it was to produce the one that nurtured you,

For her shining light, our thanks are given.

Now you take the hill to make us understand,

the only portion of Harmony that has no place in our hearts,

is the Harm that exists when we don't sing in unison.

"We learned that quiet isn't always peace, and the norms and notions of what 'just is' isn't always justice."- Amanda Gorman (The Hill We Climb)

I give thanks for your arrival, Amanda Gorman

May your voice echo across the plains and rise the mountain peaks,

With renewed certainty that love is still the way.

Twenty-two-year-old poet laureate Amanda Gorman delivered punctual punctuation with her poem, 'THE HILL WE CLIMB' at the inaugural ceremony of President Joe Biden. 

I hope a generation flies on her wings for long past my days. Thanks for taking the time.

Stu E
Stu E
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Stu E

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