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The Poetry of Science

by Éan Bird 2 months ago in fact or fiction · updated 2 months ago
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Can New Be Comfortable?

The Poetry of Science
Photo by Andrew Schultz on Unsplash

Dear Daughter,

Can new bring comfort?

Asking for a friend

who teaches science, and doesn’t

understand literature.

But really. These are legit questions

in pursuit of true answers

Newly wrenched to be vocal appropriate

Do tell.

What words beget poetry?

In between which space or line does prose

slip from precipice and fall into verse?

When I Goggle the question I only get cliff

notes over William Shakespeare.


Sweet Daughter,

Can comfort be gleaned from new?

I laid my hand atop yours, once

shared tears, as I slid you a

note penned in your father’s hand

Written at a desk mere weeks before

tragedy happened

“Do you believe in ghosts?” Question returned.

In answer, "Not sure. Perhaps angels."

Then, daughter, share the story of

a man who stopped to help for you

resembled his own.


I’ve always wanted to capture that moment

for you, pin it,

preserve it with painstaking precaution,

Exactly when his finger tapped your nose

words spoke, "like my very own, grown."

I want to glass encapsulate that moment for the world to wonder

at the beauty of serendipity.

But I can’t, for crude words

of poetry do no justice.


Dear daughter, though not my own,

I think of you often.

Please answer.

Can comfort exist

when new begins again?

Do not respond in poetry.

I’m asking for a friend.



fact or fiction

About the author

Éan Bird

Reluctant Writer. Teacher-on-pause.

Hawking vocal contests for love letters.

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