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The Place Where I'm Me

by Joy Nelson about a year ago in inspirational
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Home Is Where I am

Photo by Eternal Happiness from Pexels

Home is where I am.

It’s not here nor there nor somewhere in between.

It’s the place where tranquil certainty comes,

Where I feel serene.

Home is where I am me.

It’s not walls and a roof nor where I hang my hat.

It’s the place where my soul can be bare,

Where I’m free from all traps.

Home is where I take off my mask.

It’s not who you see nor what you perceive.

It’s the place where I can speak without worry,

Where I’m allowed to rejoice or grieve.

Home is where I’m with my love.

It’s not a spot on a map or a name on a street.

It’s the place where it’s just him and me,

Where life and breath become easy.

Home is where I am.

It’s nothing but the certainty that I can be me.

It’s the place where I know myself without fear,

Where I’m at peace, where I am free.


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