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The Pink Table

a poem

By Marie WilsonPublished 5 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
The Pink Table
Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

I had a little table

the colour of magnolia petals.

Silently through the years

it lent its ceramic-tiled surface

to tea parties and colouring fests;

action figures played on its grooved top

and cats slept there.


Soft pink like marshmallows or

powder puffs, it sat for a time in my

garden where it smiled up

at the astonishing blossoms of the tree

that sheltered it.


Tall glasses of sangria and lemonade

left rings on its welcoming top;

a beer after a days work,

coffee in the morning.

Books and pencils rested there,

an ashtray a crossword a cup.


A quiet little table -

handcrafted by an artist -

around which friends gathered

and children played,

or where

a solitary soul could contemplate

stars or sky.


A little artists’ table

that might whisper some enchanting

history if you were to listen.


About the Creator

Marie Wilson

Harper Collins published my novel "The Gorgeous Girls". My feature film screenplay "Sideshow Bandit" has won several awards at film festivals. I have a new feature film screenplay called "A Girl Like I" and it's looking for a producer.

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