The People that Never Sleep

Rushing Through Life

The People that Never Sleep

It seems like I am always waiting.

Waiting for 5 pm.

Waiting for the T.

Waiting for the weekend.

Waiting for the Lyft driver to pull up.

When I'm not waiting, I'm rushing.

Rushing to class.

Rushing to meet clients.

Rushing through papers.

Rushing out the door.

My life is measured in glances at the clock.

Do I have time to change?

Do I have time to eat?

Will I make the early bus?

Will I be late?

When I finally get what I want,

or get where I'm going,

or eat,

or get to the weekend,

it's over too fast and I start again.

Because those who are trained to never sit,

can't even enjoy moments of rest.

Can you imagine?

Taking a real break,

sitting down,


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