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The Pearl Necklace

by Elena Athon 5 months ago in surreal poetry


The Pearl Necklace
Photo by Tiffany Anthony on Unsplash

I am the daughter of the women that came before me.

My mother's mother and generations lost in the past.

I see them in my reflection, looking into my eyes.

They are a part of my cells, my body keeps them alive.


I am the daughter of women that came before me.

I hear them singing a lullaby to keep me asleep.

Their voices echo down through centuries to me.

Make me feel safe in their arms when the pain runs too deep.


I am the daughter of women that came before me.

My breath is a gift they gave to me.

I feel their fingers on my skin as they move through my hair.

They take me by the hand and never leave my side.


I am the mother of women that came before me.

I wear the pearl necklace that was passed down to me.

It's my turn to keep safe all the daughters that wore it before me.

They'll live forever close to my heart and in my dreams.

surreal poetry

Elena Athon

Blogging has allowed me to explore my creativity and voice in ways that I never knew were possible - all while connecting with people who are passionate about the same things as myself. Check out my blog: www.butterfulsoul.com

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Elena Athon
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