The Peaceful Dragon's Slumber

A Poem of Introspection

The Peaceful Dragon's Slumber

The Peaceful Dragon's Slumber

Deep in the whispering forests of a Dragon's Deepest Slumber

Thy sweet ol’ voice began a story to ruffle and dance among the breeze,

Caressing the Leaves of The White Oak Tree.

Singing a Song of Awakening into the ears of The Dragon of Old

Protector of Light and Love, He shuffles restlessly as one by one

The Flowers of Light began to burn out among the DreamScape he resides in.

Lost and Fallen souls alike began to flicker and fade.

Marking the beginning of a new age. The beginning of the End.

The Shadows of Doubt, Fear, and Confusion shifting.

Drifting in the beginning, like trash on the Sea Shore.

Wading among the shallows as they learn to hide behind the seams of reality.

Hiding underneath the true face of Insanity

Cunning they soon became,

Learning to manipulate others into believing in their twisted Fallacy(ies)

For no ones gain except their own...

Just eternal Internal conflict and self-Destructive games.

Like cancer, the dark misleading influences have been creeping across the Land of The Children of Light.

Starting to manifest their own gravity

Children of Light trapped and misled into a self-enslaving matrix.

How did this tremendous evolution suddenly flip and turn us back into fearful cavemen?

Multi-Dimensional Beings of Stardust, Infinite in Creation and Eternally full of Innocence and Youth.

More powerful than they could have ever imagined, Masters of creation each of them even if they don’t know/realize it yet.

Ever since a flip of Influences of Power from Benevolent to Manipulative

The Youthfully Ancient godlike Children of the Universe entered an era of Delusion

Quickly, too quickly the Wisps of Fae Lights lining the Halls of Amenti began to Flicker and Fade

Falling into their endless slumbers as they are cultured into Spirit/Will breaking situations

A series of circling unpredictably predictable Irony.

But we begin to believe that of which we are constantly being fed and beaten with.

And in the matter of centuries, Our speeding up waves of industrialized production

Are stealing and draining the precious pockets of natural resources without so much as blinking in thanks to the ancient planet on which we are Attempting to learn how to live on. The timing is right, to open our sight and perspective to Love and Light. For the Earth needs healing, and thou shall be thy Healers.

The ancient monastery of the Ascended Masters

Once dazzling with the (Internal/Auric) Cosmic Colors of The Children of Light

Guardians and Teachers alike mourned for the Fallen Souls. The Fallen Stars.

Constantly sending their Prayers of Protection

Always sending signs of Guidance through the Darkness

For they, our ancestral family, are always present.

- Zachariah Rhysand Bookhamer

performance poetry
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