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The Path of an Aura

by Kennedy Brown about a year ago in inspirational
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Our True Colors

We’re all born with a aura of white.

Pure, and peaceful.

The perfect definition-

Of a clean slate.

We become vulnerable to our true colors.

Each walking our own paths.

Each adopting our own pattern.

Some auras become red-

Not with envy.

But through the raging emotions of

power, passion, and love.

Others will embrace aura hues of orange-

Putting warmth and balance into a world,

Others would describe as cold.

Those who learn to keep an optimistic look on life-

Are wrapped with the joy, and happiness of yellow.

Souls who hit the green lottery-

Receive a lifetime of luck, health, and wealth.

The calmer, most trusting, and purest of souls-

bathe their aura in blues.

While some auras adopt the nobility, spirituality, and mystery-

purples have to offer.

The most unfortunate among us-

Get plagued with the evil aura of black.

Putting the Yin, in what was suppose to be a Yang world.

Over time, the color of our aura changes-

Mixed and manipulated by the universe.

In a nature, nurture type of world.

We all started out with an aura of white.


About the author

Kennedy Brown

LGBT member, just trying to make a difference.

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