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The Painting

by Paul Douglas 2 months ago in surreal poetry

To Remind Me How To Be

The Painting
Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

The painting hanging on the wall

With its multicolored hues

Brings forth an evocation of the time

That I spent loving you.


The warm tones speak to the love

The laughter and the joy

The wonder of the life we created

Our beautiful baby boy.


The yellows speak of our optimism

Our hopefulness in a future we’d both enjoy

The love of a life well lived together

You, I, and our little boy.


But as I look towards the bottom of the painting

I see the flecks of brown accumulating

The waves of envy were mine I fear

I became too interested in me.


The blacks are perhaps the most dominant colour here

They remind me of how I felt when you walked out

The grief and loneliness were mines to bear

After all, those feelings were my own fault.


You ask why I keep this painting here?

The one that shows what I’ve loved and lost

It’s in case I begin to pity myself

And blame others for what has come about.


I keep it to remember the joy I once shared

With my two favourite people in this life

It’s to remember what I did to them

The damage was done to more than just one life.


I hope to live and love again

With someone who looks on me tenderly

And I keep this painting so I know what’s at stake

If I once more, become too absorbed in just me.

surreal poetry

Paul Douglas

I have always loved to write, especially poems and short stories. I also have an abiding love for technology and gaming. I love to share my outlook with others.

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Paul Douglas
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