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The Pain Of Walking Away

Narcissistic abuse is a tumultous rollercoaster ride.

By Silena Le BeauPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Behind the countless fake smiles

Nobody sees the hurt I've endured

Or the pain that I've felt

From all of the misleading love bombing

And the constant battle of compromise

The arguments turned into fights

And the tears led to bruises

Often times many sleepless nights

I came to the discernment that I deserve better

And that my only chance for survival

Was for me to walk away

Despite the love the pain was to much to bare

I rather leave with my head held up high

Than to wallow in stress and misery.


About the Creator

Silena Le Beau

She expresses her gift of writing through each piece. She studied writing in college and has been inspiring people for 20 years. She gives back to the community & enriches them with enlightenment. Philanthropist, Empath and Nature lover.

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